Google Paypay Clone get’s massive media attention via pre-release

It appears that not only us are concerned with how nameless quotes are being tossed around on how wonderful the new GBUY is going to destroy Ebay and Paypal.

These people that have been ‘briefed’ on the new system really have not tested it fully, or if they had it was impossible for them to test it in real life, since the product is still in a very early testing phase.

The point being that not every Google Product is a killer app.   Froogle for example never got anywhere, actually a bunch of Google products never got anywhere.   We are not saying GBUY will fail, in face we wish it does well so the industry has vaild options other than Paypal.  But pre-released vaporware is more Microsoft’s style rather than Googles.

It’s fun to watch this as Google, Yahoo and MSN battle it out for market share and revenue.

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