Google changed everything in the past six months.

A few months ago everyone was talking about Phantom, then Panda and all the other search modifications Google does to themselves (RankBrain, Penguin, Etc).

However recently we’ve been seeing more and more rapid fire succession of changes, Some of them are rather huge. For example we’re seeing Google Push AMP, while pushing mobile, while pushing responsive, even without a simple way to explain why we need 2 different mobile sites. Sure AMP is less featured but faster, but is it worth the headache of running 2 mobile sites. Google based initiates have moved forward much faster recently. Some to Organic Search, others to PPC, and yet others to new formats.

The point I am trying to make is the company is taking bigger and faster modifications then they ever did in the past, and I don’t believe it’s just on search. Other initiatives such as self driving cars and drone delivery are all working on multiple fronts. The company is practically a research organization with a side business of search. Google is one of the top patent producers in the world.

We live in interesting times, but I’m telling you know, you’re going to see more of Google in the future than you do already and I don’t see Apple or Microsoft stopping them.

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