Google Banned Click Fraud Tracking Tool for Sale

Since our click fraud tracking tool has been banned in Google, in our opinion because it was detecting a 30% click fraud rate in Adwords hence Google Banned the system in Adwords (not the organic results).  We have to resort to selling the product. was built to track invalid clicks by checking to see if Javascript is installed on the browser, as well as flash and other browser specific aspects that click fraud bots would not have.

The system worked… abit alittle too well as Google banned the product.

We are selling the technology, website and source code, and domain with the intention that someone could use this for tier 2 search engines or convice Google to adopt the technology (as to reduce the contention that Google profits from Click Fraud).

Please e-mail your bids to

Best Regards,

Roger Wehbe

President, Yooter InterActive Marketing, LLC

The more think about it, the more we feel that we should take this program opensource.  We feel this is the only way to generate enough intrest in the product to let the search engines allow this program, or something similar to be provided for all pay per click clients.

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