Globalwarming Awareness2007 – an idiot’s game

‘ Globalwarming Awareness2007 ‘ is a new SEO contest that many SEO firms are taking place in.

What’s the purpose of this site?  To rank for ‘ Globalwarming Awareness2007 ‘ in Google, Yahoo and MSN ( by a set target date.   Even some of our employees are taking part in the contest,  their entry is located here (as you can tell we gave them a link.. but of course with the word ‘here’ rather than the keyword.)

The rules of the contest note that you must have your domain registered AFTER the start date of the contest, meaning that this post for example could come up #1 for every term and we would not win.  So in essance this post is safe.

Of course we want them to win.. but it’s also not something that our company will take any part of for the simple reasons that it’s just not right to spill out every thought process that goes to our clients site for the sake of a contest.

The Idea could be even funny,  but showing your full hand to all your competitors and the search engines is something that is less than steller.  In fact it’s downright stupid, an idiot’s game.

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