Feds Open Antitrust investigation into Google’s Android OS

For some reason, The feds targeted Google leaving their competitor, Apple unscathed by the anti-trust investigation. Even though Apple controls a sizable market and Android is mostly opensource.

Google’s Android mobile software is the world’s most popular. In the U.S. it accounted for 59% of the market while Apple’s iPhone software had 38%, according to research firm International Data Corp.

So Apple is sitting at nearly 40% market share and Google is the one being charged with creating a monopoly?

The issue appears to be bundling Google’s services into Android. Similar to the Windows bundling of IE back in the late 1990’s-2000’s.

It’s a joke, a mess and only stops innovation.

If we were to take this line of thought, I want Siri on my Ubuntu desktop without any hacks not just approved iOS devices.. if Apple won’t release the code, then the feds should sue Apple over being monopolistic. How dare they take a product they purchased and worked on and only include it with Apple Devices newer than X.

The last true successful federal intervention into an monopoly took place over a century before, with the breakup of Standard Oil back in May 15, 1911. That’s over 100 years ago. Since that point it’s been used as more of a political points tool rather than an actual break up. Some argue that the AT&T breakup in the 1980’s was effective, but looking at my phone bill I would argue otherwise.

Google is being unfairly targeted. If you want to go after a monopoly, go after one that counts like Comcast.

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