Eric Wilby – Ascent Wealth Management, LLC

My Good friend Eric Wilby just sent this note to me. He is a friend of Yooter InterActive, and myself personally. We have known him since we were based in Allentown, PA.

Eric Wilby
Website : Ascent Wealth

A brief update on my new business Ascent Wealth Management, LLC.

I chose the name Ascent Wealth Management, because I personally believe that climbing a mountain is an inspiring and challenging task that in many ways relates to the challenges of reaching your financial goals or achieving financial independence. Both challenges offer many hazards along the way and are better achieved with the help of a trusted partner or professional guide. The idea of climbing a 10,000 ft peak is something that I’ve put on my bucket list, but my daily mission is helping individuals climb the peak of financial independence every day by guiding them through the hazards of todays financial markets.

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