Digital Marketing Agency vs InterActive Marketing Agency

We have noticed that recently in the past 2 years, firms have been claiming that they are a Digital Marketing Agency as compared to an InterActive Marketing Agency.

It’s a comical issue because regardless of how people try to fluff it, it’s the same term.

Some say that “Digital” means that they are high tech, whereas InterActive could still be offline.

We argue that InterActive and Digital are the same term that agencies are trying to use to differ themselves from the competition.

The end result is the same, you hire a firm to provide a positive ROI for your firm online. It doesn’t matter if they say they are a Digital Marketing Agency or an InterActive Marketing Agency or a Social Media Marketing Agency, they are all marketing agencies.

We had to poke some fun at this because it’s becoming a rampant trend within the industry to say that they are one or another. Whereas in fact they are the same.

Enjoy the new fluff words.

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