Define a Search Marketing Agency

Many companies claim to do Search Marketing and Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ).   The issue that many of these agencies have is that they forget the reason they were hired in the first place.

Being #1 for a term doesn’t matter if it’s not making any real progress towards generating business.    The way that any valid SEO agency would approach the task wouldn’t be from a technical standpoint, but rather as a business decision.

The sole reason firms like Yooter InterActive are hired is because a company wants to increase their ROI.  Companies do not hire or spend money just to see their rankings improve without any corresponding increase in business. 

For the most part that is what separates an experienced SEO firm that works with fortune 500 firms and with decades of experience vs one where an individual may have the  technical knowledge but not the experience working with firms of that magnitude or be completely in tune with the reason companies hire SEO firms.


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