Click Fraud Detection Tool

Click Fraud Detection Tool

Click Fraud Detection Tools increase ROI for pay per click clients.

Pottsville, PA (PRWEB) April 18th, 2006 – Click Fraud is a serious matter, in fact many pay per click clients actually factor in a fraud rate of 20% when allocating their budget. We know this because in some industries this horrific click fraud rate is the norm.

It makes it even more unacceptible when we request a refund when we know it’s click fraud by the simple fact that that a click every 12 min and 30 seconds each 12 min and 30 seconds is not a ‘normal human click pattern’.

We decided to fight back, but not using the normal pattern of complaining, we decided to find hard evidence.

Internally we built a BETA click fraud detection tool located at ( ) and ran some of our clients though the system. The system detects click fraud using several methods. The first and most simple is just by detecting multiple clicks from the same computer, however the tool does not stop there. Tabooclick also does a series of browser checks and other type of pattern checks to see if it’s a real human clicking on the ad, or just a spam click fraud bot.

Generally click fraud can be broken down into three distinct groups.

The type of click fraud that an individual clicks on a competitors ad then clears cache and does it again and again. Though this can be a problem, it’s by no means the worst.

Automated Click Fraud is the real problem. It’s when someone sets up a script that starts clicking on competitors ads to drive down the ROI for pay per click clients. This is a problem when it’s your competitor driving down your ROI.

The worst of them all is similar to the automated click fraud, but this could be considered ‘click fraud for profit’. It’s when a criminal signs up to place pay per click ads on their site and the runs this script though their site. This is the worst of the worst for the fact that not only are they driving up your Pay per click charges, but they are getting paid to do such. does catch the vast majority of this type of fraud, however the system does not stop fraud from taking place, instead it provides you with a report that gives you hard physical evidence to back up your claims to the search engines when requesting a refund. We are actually somewhat shocked that a small firm in Pottsville, Pa figured out how to detect click fraud for the most part, but the search engines didn’t.

When we setup the tool for our clients we had to keep refining the process to catch click fraud while keeping legit visitors from having any problems.

We are confident enough to allow others to test the product as long as everyone understands that this product is in BETA meaning that there still are some bugs in the system that could theoretically wipe out any pay per click that is run though the system. So we STRONGLY suggest that use this only for keywords that are rife with fraud and with a budget that you can afford to lose. We are working to refine the product and we need feedback, but we don’t need lawsuits so please take heed to the warning that the system is in VERY extreme BETA and please expect some issues to pop up while using the product.

If successful, the report provided should force the search engines to issue you a refund or at least raise red flags for you to see.

As it stands now, can detect automated click fraud and multiple clicks.

The service is 100% free during the testing period and it owned by Yooter InterActive Marketing ( )

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