Best WooCommerce Automated Tax Plugin

After spending hours trying to find the best WooCommerce automated tax plugin, we felt frustrated. That’s because we were overthinking it! Here is the best WooCommerce automated tax plugin — simple and easy!

Avalara Tax and AvaTax

Our accountant recommended using Avalara Tax and AvaTax WooCommerce integration. Even though this is a great solution, it’s a subscription-based solution with limited transactions per plan. Not practical for a small business WooCommerce website.

The Best WooCommerce Tax Plugin Is Free

WooCommerce Shipping & Tax

After hours of trying to find something that should be easy, WooCommerce Shipping & Tax was the answer. The best part? It’s free!

The setup was a bit quirky because you must install JetPack. But don’t worry, you can toggle off all other services JetPack tries to offer. You can follow the installation guide here.

We installed and activated WooCommerce Shipping & Tax and installed JetPack through the prompts. Within minutes our store was calculating taxes perfectly.

Most developers are not crazy about installing JetPack, mainly if it’s feeding data to another plugin, but this is the best FREE solution we found.

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