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Roger Wehbe is the CEO and Founder of Yooter InterActive Marketing. One of the most respected search and social advertising agencies. You'll tend to find my solutions to be extremely cost effective. To be honest I never grew up with much and have applied that across the spectrum in both my personal life and in business. You'll find that I tend to discover the solution that will provide 99% of the benefit while costing only 1% of other solutions. A prime example would be why I entered into search engine optimization, Rather than other marketing and advertising models. I have worked in the Search Engine Optimization field since 1994 and am considered one of the pioneers in the industry. In a nutshell, I have been working within the Search Engine Optimization industry since Altavista was the largest search engine on the planet. Extensive Search Engine Experience, Online Crisis Managment, Political Campaigns, Search Engine Product Promotion, SEO, SEM, InterActive Marketing

Google hangs a virtual Slow Sign (Virtual Stop Sign) over your website.

google-mobile-slow-label-1424870455Beware where you host your website,  or how it is coded.   As of today Google is testing a red “Slow Sign” label on your result if your website isn’t up to par.

That slow sign might as well be a stop sign for most people when searching for a term If your website is lucky enough to still rank for those terms.

This is is a wake up call for many firms that have not allocated the proper resources to their web hosting environment.   Contact us at Yooter InterActive,  we can help guide you to get that ‘slow’ sign off your website.  We work with many managed hosting companies and work with specific developers that specialize in increased speeds for websites.

SEO results by device

Ever notice that when you search for something on your phone vs searching for the same thing on your desktop yield differing results?  Why does this happen?  Why am I on page 1 on my iPhone, but page 12 on my desktop?

Well there are multiple factors going on lets factor out the most common.

1 – Your Search History on both devices.   You most likely want to clear your cache, logout, clear your cache again on both devices.   Because your search history influences the results you see.

2 – Location services modify the results as well,  your Smartphone pushes out your exact GPS location to Google, and Google then displays the local pizza shops at your location.   However on your desktop these location services are not as accurate.   Meaning that your desktop is reporting  you are located in center city Allentown, Pa while your smart phone is stating the more accurate location that you are on I-78 West near Macungie, Pa.   So the pizza shops you are getting on your desktop are not the same that your Smartphone is.

3 – Mobile friendliness counts.   A website that doesn’t have a responsive design tends to get penalized in Google, whereas a website that renders properly on a smartphone tends to get a boost in the rankings.

4 – The type of search matters.  Some searches spawn news results whereas others spawn images,  and others spawn related information such as wikipedia results displayed directly on the results page.    Some of these features do not display on some devices due to screen size.

Now thinking about each of these factors (there are actually many more) , applied directly  to each single result in aggregate mean that the results can be wildly different even though you are physically at the exact same location doing the exact same search.

SEO used to be easy.


Lehigh Valley SEO and Marketing Conference Status Update

Here’s a quick status update regarding the Lehigh Valley SEO and Marketing Conference.

1 – The Conference appears to be moving forward.

2 – Hotel Bethlehem will be the location,  Though April or May appears to be the target date.

3 –  Companies can help sponsor the event for the following:

Gold Package:  $750
Speaking opportunity to highlight your company
Company Name on Stationary as a gold sponsor
20 Free Passes to give to clients and friends

Silver Package:  $500
Company Name on Stationary listed as a sliver sponsor
10 Free Passes to give to clients and friends

4 – Individuals can attend the Conference for $50 per person payable online, or $75 payable at the door.

5 – We are not taking reservations yet,  just taking more measurements of interest.   Fill out this form if you haven’t already and let us know that you want to attend,  make sure you let us know in the comment area that you are coming as an individual or as a company.

Lehigh Valley SEO and Social Media Conference Part 2

We got a decent response regarding the Lehigh Valley SEO and Social Media Conference.   Meaning the chances are high that we will proceed with it.   A total of nearly 2000 people visited the announcement, with several dozen filling out an interest form.

We contacted several locations and fell in love with Hotel Bethlehem in historic downtown Bethlehem, Pa.

The associated costs with that location most likely merit a small fee associated with the conference.   That however is yet to be determined.


SEO and Social Media Conference 2015 – Lehigh Valley

audienceCN_0399We were planning on having a conference in the Lehigh Valley (Bethlehem or Allentown , PA) regarding SEO and Social Media in March, 2015.   However we wanted to gauge the interest in such a conference.

The ideal attendee would be an Executive or Director level in Marketing and Advertising.  The topic of discussion would be to discuss the trends for 2015 and 2016 for both Social and Search, and how best companies can work within the ever changing system to help increase public awareness of their respective firms.

The Conference would be hosted by Roger Wehbe, CEO of Yooter InterActive Marketing,  however we do plan on having guest speakers from various local Advertising and Marketing companies based in Eastern PA.

We believe that much of the conference would be a Q&A session with plenty of time to mingle with both the hosts and the attendees.

If this is something that you are interested in,  please contact us (Use this form).   By signing up you are not obligating yourself to attend, it is simply a judge of demand for an event of this caliber.


Walmart turns to Black Hat SEO attacks Ikea

Ikea Room Dividers –  That is just one of the examples that Walmart has turned to the dark side.

Click To See Walmart’s SEO Spam

Honestly we can’t believe that Walmart has turned to black hat SEO tactics.  A company of that size shouldn’t be doing this type of questionable SEO.  

Stuffing competitors names with a powerful site like of course will allow it to rank for those terms.   It’s unethical to say the least.

Google doesn’t have a clear cut SEO policy for competitors names,  however for Adwords it does state this:

If a trademark owner files a complaint with Google about the use of their trademark in AdWords ads, Google will investigate and may enforce certain restrictions on the use of that trademark

So what’s next Walmart,  are you going to start keyword stuffing all online and offline competitors? While you are at it just throw in some white on white text.    Whoever your SEO is should be fired on the spot after reading this article.

It wasn’t “clever” it’s a tried and true practice of over 20 years of Spamdexing.   Something that most ethical companies and SEO’s have abandoned for at least 15 to 20 years, since the days of Altavista being the major search engine.

We are willing to audit your site,    Because we found enough stuff there to keep our team busy for quite some time.    I believe honestly it is in your best interest.    One spam report from Ikea would most likely remove your site from Google for a period of time.   Don’t think it won’t happen.     If you think that’s the case ask BMW what’s it’s like to be banned from Google or ask how it went for JC Penny when they were banned for 3 months.

Seriously Walmart,  We at Yooter are willing to audit your site and help you comply with Google Guidelines.

Welcome Lehigh Valley Plastics

We wanted to Welcome Lehigh Valley Plastics  a state-of-the-art machine shop, fabricator and distributor of advanced plastic components and material located in Bethlehem, PA.

We look forward to working with them and their great company. 



Why is Google violating their own Guidelines?

I am going to preface this article with an excerpt from their own Guidelines:

Some examples of scraping include:

    • Sites that copy and republish content from other sites without adding any original content or value

    • Sites that copy content from other sites, modify it slightly (for example, by substituting synonyms or using automated techniques), and republish it

    • Sites that reproduce content feeds from other sites without providing some type of unique organization or benefit to the user

 Source : Google Guidelines


lyricsNow when someone searches for Lyrics to a song,  they will be instantly provided with the results,  no need to visit a website that publishes those lyrics.   This has been a growing trend and a growing problem for many website owners as Google continues to simply publish the results rather than refer them to a website.  Now many types of search queries lead directly to the answer than the authority site.   Weather for example is just displayed, Lyrics,  and a host of other searches now lead directly to the results.

weatherIn essence if you own a lyrics website, you’re most likely going to have a bad day, also if you are a weather company or if you are under the umbrella of any of these targeted searches.

The issue now is when will this stop, if ever.  Taking this route instantly means that these lyrics sites, which last week were getting healthy traffic now are getting hardly anything.    The value of a lyrics website most likely was cut by 80% , if not more , overnight.

The targeting of anything that can be delivered via text or images with a short 1-6 word search most likely is in the warpath of Google’s “new” policy of denying businesses income that deliver these types of content.  (Weather, Lyrics, Some Shopping Searches,  any most searches that start off with “What is a”.   Hence the problem with what Google told us to do.  Literally “publish the best content you can”  in essence they took that content,  and hosted it on their own site. 




Because of course Google is the authority on every single business, they have the right to publish copyrighted scrapped content from other sites and publish it directly on the search engine results page, and after publishing the answer they then provide a link (in some cases) but since the user already has the answer, what’s the point of clicking through?

It’s not right.

Yooter Offers SEO Audit

Want a third party to audit your SEO team or vendors performance ?

Yooter Interactive offers one time reports that are robust and complete.

We go through your website and evaluate how your site is doing, what the progress is, what steps are needed to be done and what the trends are with Google to ensure your website is “near future proof”.

Trends exist in the industry that Yooter is in a unique position to assist you with considering Yooter’s CEO Roger Wehbe has been a professional SEO since 1994. Meaning that with over 20 years of experience to know how search got to where it is, we have a great idea of where it is going.

If you have any questions just ask.

Weather and SEO

fb-places-iconIn some eCommerce quarters weather dramatically affects sales.     If you are selling a warm weather product such as lawn chairs ,  then of course having 3 feet of snow outside is going to negatively effect your sales.

Many typically successful corners of the internet completely fail during bad weather. 

I highly doubt FourSquare is getting record traffic during terrible weather in that impacted market nor is Facebook’s check in doing record numbers in these cases.

That being stated,  it is also an opportunity to increase sales for all weather or indoor products.    When the weather is terrible,  the reality on the ground is less people are at work,  students are home and everyone is online.   The kids are either streaming Hulu or playing video games.   The parents might be logging in to do some work related stuff, but in all reality having a house full of kids isn’t helping that occur.    Everyone is on some sort of social media app or site.

Shopping online might be one of the actives when everyone is home.    Google searches point to increased traffic for weather related terms, such as school closings and other related terms.

Honestly at this point most people are confined to the four walls in their home.    So how do you make a sale there?  How can you reach them while they are trapped in their homes?

Individuals that are in the Pizza delivery always notice an increase in sales during terrible weather.   In this case you most likely should prepare for higher than expected volume.    Power companies report record numbers during those days, when the heaters in residential homes are running at peak trying to keep the home above 60 degrees. HVAC companies that offer emergency service also report record online contacts as well.

For one thing this might one of the only times we see increased desktop usage rather than the normal trend of mobile.   This only really occurs when people actually have time to turn on their desktop or laptop,  something which seldom happens on normal days in a residential home.

So that are the conditions,  what is the solution?

Again that is highly dependent on what you are selling.   If you are a local pizza shop,  then posting the local school closings on your site along with a “school is out special” might lead to an increased amount of sales if coupled with a Facebook announcement of the sale.   If you are offering snow removal as a service, then of course the same type of strategy might apply.

The end result is that when bad weather occurs the situation on the ground is not typical.  Typical strategies might not apply.    The “mobile only” strategy might in some cases backfire,  such as the case listed above with FoureSquare and Facebook Check in.  The Local TV only strategy might backfire if it’s a streaming fest from all the kids at home that day.  Though you might catch a break for the 10 minutes people watch to find out if their school is closed (if people still do that anymore).

In other words,  you really have to think of what occurred and how your clients pattern has changed during that weather issue. 

Weather companies report record traffic during terrible conditions.    Eastern PA Weather Authority was built on the polar vortex and other types of terrible storms.   Meaning that money can be made during these types of conditions,  as long as you are in the right industry and use the conditions for growth.

The message is you have to understand your client,  and how their behavior changes when the weather turns sour.