Area Man forces Oil Heating vendors though Reverse Auction – Saves big

A Reading, PA man forced the local oil companies to go though a reverse auction to earn his business.   The opening bid was $976.25 for a full 275 gallon tank.   When the auction was complete he paid only $875.00.   Meaning he saved over $100 using the  Advanced Reverse Procurement  Auction.    He requested 2 vendors bid directly against each other in real time.    Both claimed to have the best pricing,  but clearly after a few minutes of bidding only one did.   You can see the auction result here.   He noted on his auction that the auction would be closed if $100 of savings was realized.    This was to entice the vendors to race down at least $100.  In hindsight he should have let it go further.

There was no fee for this special case auction,  so literally in 5 minutes he saved over $100 dollars.



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