Advertising Agency Consultant

Advertising Agency Consultants often overlook Search Engine Optimization when evaluating for review an Ad Agency or Marketing Agency. The oversight generally leads to unhappy clients as their Ad Agency that was referred to them by the the Consultant is unable to rank the client for relevant terms in Google, Yahoo or MSN.

We strongly suggest looking at the Advertising Agency from an SEO standpoint before recommending them to a client.

For Example, Does the Marketing Agency rank for Marketing Agency? Is the Ad Agency considered strong enough in SEO to not force the client into endless pay per click (We don’t mind pay per click, but branding would require both SEM and SEO).

Yooter for example even has an Ad Agency Plan where we work with agencies well. So far most of the larger Ad Agencies have neglected this powerful tool, and they are paying for it.  For example at Yooter we have been hired out on several instances to ‘fix’ a website an agency just developed.

The problem with this is that we take precedence over the Ad Agency when situations like this arrive,  and it’s not our core business to ‘boss around’ an agency that has several billion in billings.   It’s just that because of how the Agency never thought of this  in the first place the client is upset with the Agency, so it sours the otherwise great relationship the Agency has built with the client.

So we do suggest in the future if you are suggesting an Ad Agency for a client,  please suggest one that has search engine optimization as one of their core values.

The problem with this is that there are at most 10 or so true SEO experts, and none of them work at Ad Agencies.

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