adage : Recession Hits – What It Means for Ad Biz

The Adage article titled “Recession Hits: What It Means for Ad Biz” was helpful, but painfully missed the mark.

The problem we had with the article is that it quoted most of the agencies in terms of traditional media spend. They failed to discuss how services like Social Media Optimization, SEO and even some bloging and other online methods tend to grow like wildfire during a recession. Why? Because honestly it’s far less expensive. We posted a quick article on this a year ago.

With pricing in magazines such as US News and World Report hitting nearly a quarter million for a single ad but SEO services for an entire year running roughly 10-20% that cost is when it should start to settle in.

The point is that there recently has been a flood of business dropping the cost of one single ad in a magazine, saving 90% of the cost while sending the business to an interactive firm for some of the services listed above… and achieving a measurable ROI on the service. A recession is bad, but not for all industries.. not even in subdivisions within industries, such as the Advertising Agency business. It just depends what type of Advertising your firm is into.

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