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Much has changed over the past 20 years,  SEO used to the be the default standard for online marketing.  However now with social media, we have been seeing more and more people ask their facebook friends what would be the “Best Japanese restaurant in Allentown, Pa” rather than going to Google.

We’re not saying that Facebook replaced Google, because it didn’t.  What we are saying however is that Social and Search are equally important in modern Online Marketing.

People now are looking for a SSA not an SEO.   It’s growing by leaps and bounds.

With mobile, social and search you find that more and more people are looking at differing ways to obtain information than just a simple Google search of 5 years ago.

It’s a brave new world.




Google Bans Facebook

For some reason,  Google has de-indexed Facebook’s main page from their search result.   No explanation has been given,  the widely reported situation is developing.

The Below Screenshot is what is being reported by many.  You’ll notice the first result being Wikipedia, the second being Twitter.

Google Bans Facebook
Google Bans Facebook

Facebook is Down

Facebook is down.   Is the world going to end?   

Facebook is Down

Over the past few hours Facebook has been sporadic at best,  and just down at worst.    The problem is sites such as Facebook have such a huge presence that it affects everyone.     Companies,  individuals,  it basically replaced email and other forms of contact with loved ones and friends.

Some believe that this runs contrary to the spirit of a decentralized internet which is most likely true.

Whatever it may be,  a few minutes down with Facebook might allow people to do a few other things.  Such as actually talk to someone.

Enjoy the downtime.


Migration to HTTPS does not boost rankings

According to Search Engine Land, moving to HTTPS did and does not move the needle. It did nothing to increase or decrease company rankings in Google.

Things were nearly identical the week prior and week after moving forward. Even after a complete respider.

This is not a surprise, and to be fair Google did say it was a minor increase.

We were hoping that this would help increase rankings, however after a robust trial on our end with clients (and reading the report from Search Engine Land) we can say with near 100% certainty it does nothing for your rankings.

This does not mean that it won’t increase rankings in the future, but for today it does nothing at all.

Google and SSL

Recently Google published that they will be giving a boost to companies and websites that encrypt their entire site with SSL (this is the official release). My advice is to put this on your development schedule and start working toward this goal.

Remember, you’ll need to 301 redirect your old non-secure site to the new SSL enabled site. Which means you’ll most likely take a short term hit in rankings over the migration period (but you should gain long term benefits)

Your checklist should be as follows:

– check all scripts on your site to ensure nothing is still pointing to the non secure version of your site.
– check to make sure everything works in the secure url structure.
– 301 redirect the non-secure to secure
– flip the switch to point everything to secure.
– go to webmaster tools and force complete respider of your site.
– Contact anyone possible that is linking to your site and ask them to point to https rather than http.

This is going to be a process, but at the end your site will most likely rank better in the long term.

Spain to Now Tax Google News

Spain Just Passed An Insane Law Taxing Google For Linking To News. Not copying News, not plagiarizing news, no just linking to news.

This is one of the most crazy laws ever passed. Every single news aggregation site, such as Reddit, Digg, Google News, SlashDot, Sqlspace … heck even Facebook is now subjected to this Spanish Tax.

How this will be enforced is unknown, how this will be implemented is unknown. Spain however is in dire need of revenue. The Country has been battling unemployment levels that are on or near what the United States encountered during the Great Depression.

Many experts are wondering if such drastic measures will stifle innovation and create job loss in a country that has already been hit hard. Many media outlets depend on news linking sites to generate traffic to their sites. If websites stop linking to Spanish News outlets, those outlets will not receive anywhere near the ad revenue and traffic they did prior to the tax.

Honestly Spain, you are barking up the wrong tree.

Mobile — wow what an increase

Many of our clients are reporting 40% or greater mobile traffic as a complete picture of their overall site traffic.

Meaning 40 out of 100 visitors are now coming in on an iOS or Android device.

It’s directly impacting everything, from how people interface with the site to their purchase habits. It’s become key to success of companies to ensure that their site is mobile friendly.

It’s not that you need to have a mobile site, just a responsive one that adapts to whatever device the person in question is using. Using an iphone, well this is the screen that fits it, using a tablet here’s a screen that fits that.

Mobile users behave differently than desktop. They have a small screen and are most likely sitting on a park bench or sitting passenger in a car. They want to be able to order whatever they are looking for using the most simple way possible. Think of how you use your phone, then adapt your site to that.


CNN recently reported that 40% of their traffic is mobile. The adaption rate of mobile is much, much faster than that of desktops in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

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